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Cuba - Awaiting the Change (Small Edition)

Cuba - Awaiting the Change (Small Edition)

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When I first arrived in Havana, I had only a loose idea of what I wanted to see and capture with my camera. I had done some research into the country and all its sites, but I was intent on playing everything by ear. Wherever my eyes took me, that was where I would go. It was a strategy that worked out well, leading me places that I never would have thought to visit. Because I went into my travels with an open mind, I never felt like I was letting my preconceptions take over – which was important for multiple reasons. First, I didn't want my personal opinions to color my work too dramatically. Second, I wanted to let the people I met tell their stories (as well as telling my own). In addition, I quickly realized that I was in a place very different from the one where I had grown up – and that unless I allowed it to speak to me, I was bound to miss something.

In Cuba – Awaiting the Change, I have made it my mission to offer people a look at the state of Cuba today. How do the people live? How do they express themselves? After so many years in political isolation, what are their opinions of Fidel, of the US, and of the rest of the world? These questions are at the heart of my book, and through my images, I aim to answer them or at least guide you toward answers of your own.


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